The origins of rcm

A passion for good quality mechanics has always driven RCM since the end of the 19th century in Parma and has kept doing so from after the war to now in Modena, the city whose innovative spirit has always inspired the Raimondi family. Raimondo Ippolito, manufacturer of a modern line of bicycles (Cypselus) and owner of the Bernardi car dealership, started the company. His son, Romeo continued the business establishing MR (Malagoli-Raimondi), a company specialising in the manufacture of agricultural equipment engines and motorbikes. Later on, he established RC (Raimondi Costruzioni), a company specialising in the manufacture of marine engines, tractors, and earth-moving machines. Today, if Modena is known worldwide as the home of motor sports and the capital of the Motor Valley, it’s thanks to Romeo Raimondi, who has always been driven by Ippolito’s innovative spirit.


RCM’s design and production systems, as well as its technical solutions, have always been based on innovation. That’s why we are considered one of the world’s most modern companies specialising in the cleaning industry. As a reliable partner in the cleaning industry, we at RCM design and develop customised machines, in line with the ever-evolving market.


ISO 9001


We have always believed in quality. That’s why RCM has been certified since 1987.
Now, we have obtained the ISO 9001-2015 certification from SGS.


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